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Triple Fine
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Hi! We are so happy that you found us!

I am Bubba Startz. I play guitar and sing lead vocals. I write most of the songs that you will hear from us.

I along with my wife Danielle, who creates all of our visual content, and our band brother Rodney Rogers (bass) are embarking on the next great adventure in our music careers. We are recording and self-producing our very own album!

It’s very exciting to be working on this project with these people that I care so much about and it’s even more wonderful because we get to meet amazing people like you that love our music and support our dreams. We have so much to share with you.

We post regularly on our socials but we only share the real magic with the people who want to show us love. So please sign up for our email list and follow along as we make our dreams our reality.

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