Startz & Endz – Modern Gypsy Rock

Southern Rock married Classic Country and raised a baby in the Grunge era, then the kid started listening to Hip Hop and EDM and wrote his own songs. Sounds like that

Our summer is jam packed with amazing shows across the Midwest!! We are thrilled to be chasing our dreams around the country and living every day to the fullest!!

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Building Today is Streaming Everywhere

“Built around these twisting and intense but snappy guitars, with a boldly passionate vocal lead unconfined by effects, Building Today is not only stylistically sharp and seductive by nature, but it promises a conceptual depth that’s equally enchanting as things build.” Rebecca Cullen – StereoStickman

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Use it in all your Reels, Shorts, and TikToks …..What’s your reason to build a different today??

Bubba has been on Dakota News Now ALOT!!

So grateful to Dakota News Now for allowing us to share our music with a much larger audience than we ever could with out them. We look forward to more performances and sharing our message!!

Thank you Baylee and Sara for having me!! This day was awesome @DakotaNewsNow

Triple Fine is still streaming too!!

“Paired guitars and authentic rhythms bring good vibes and a live-show feel from the outset – Startz and Endz unite catchy songwriting with a strong groove, for the quickly likable Triple Fine.

“From a songwriting perspective, the hook effectively reinforces the simple and memorable qualities of the title sentiment, and builds up beautifully throughout. In just over two and a half minutes, the song manages to lift the mood of the room, and leave its central chorus melody and lyric running indefinitely through the mind.”

Rebecca Cullen – Stereo Stickman (read the whole review here)


Triple Fine Exclusive Photos on Patreon

We launched Triple Fine now we have —> NEW MERCH

There are many colors and designs available so be sure to go check out the whole store!!

We have a lots of exciting stuff happening with

The Scene Podcast + Community

Bubba Startz is the host of The Scene and just got to interview Bill Payne of Little Feat!!

Rise Up

Official Music Video for our first single Rise Up shot in Yankton, South Dakota June 2023

Rise Up, heard in the above video, is a song of hope for a brighter tomorrow. I wrote this song speaking directly to you and pleading my case for why we should all be seeking to find a way with our fellow humans. It is a song about untapped potential and how I think we can be better. That’s together. Rise Up – Live at the Levitt

We had a great team that worked together to bring this project to completion. It was not without it’s challenges and the only way thru it was to grow and learn together how we could all be better individually and as a team. I think the challenges made us sharper and will help us in the long run as we begin to record more music in the coming months and year.

Honoring the United States of America

It is my highest honor to serve my community in this small way, to sing our National Anthem. I am singing it for everyone that is currently serving, has served, fought and died for our country. I sing it from the bottom of my heart to the very bottom of each and every American. I was given too much to waste my opportunity to give back to my countrymen and neighbors by doing what I would be doing anyway.

I hope you take just a few seconds today and enjoy The Star Spangled Banner.

Bubba got to open for Brandon Jones Band in Mitchell, SD March 16, 2024 DS/BS meets BJ

We had the esteemed honor to get a shout from Brandon Jones on Instagram this March with an offer to open their show at Thirsty’s in Mitchell and we jumped all over it!! The house was packed!! The Mitchell Kernels boy basketball team won the state championship while I was on stage!! It was bananas!! Had a great time and Brandon and the boys sounded great as always!! More about it in Bubba’s Blog which is part of our new subscription service where our premium content is going now.

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Our Patreon page just launched and is home to all of our hidden exclusive content. After every show we are posting our whole file of photos only to our Patreon page. You can sign up for free to see some really cool things you won’t see on our socials but you can also subscribe and go even deeper with the band. Get to know us behind the music. Get to know the songs and stories. Get to know yourself better in the process. It’s an awesome way for the biggest fans to make the biggest difference in what we can achieve. We appreciate all the love and support Use this link for PATREON SIGN UP

The stage is set. We are ready to deliver. Welcome to our world.

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I am Bubba Startz. We are Startz and Endz and its our pleasure to meet you.

Meet the Band

Startz and Endz

Danielle Startz – ExecutiveCreativeDirector/Sound/Lights/Merch

Bubba Startz- Vox/Guitar/Manager/Songwriter

Luke Graves- Keys/Vox

Preston Jones – Drums

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