Good music just hits you differently. It doesn’t matter what genre you try to pigeon hole it into. What is behind the notes is so much more important. Behind every beat in the music of Startz and Endz there is a heart just like yours. It has been broken and loved, jumping out of the chest and sinking in sorrow. The intention has remained to reach out to hearts just like ours to connect through the universal language of music. The style of the music will bend and shift as the title above might suggest. With each song you will hear twinges of old time rock and roll with a country twang, spiced with funky blues and packed with energy like a west coast ska band. We can be laid back like a Jamaican reggae band or in the dirt barefoot with our bluegrass brothers. No matter where each show may take us our mission remains to connect with the audience and move you both physically and emotionally to the highest highs out of the lowest lows.

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