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A Podcast and Community of artists and entertainers in the Upper Midwest, USA #MidwesternAF

A seedling of an idea from the mind of Bubba Startz is growing quickly into something much bigger.

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The Scene is a hub for music/comedy/art lovers to find out more about the artists they admire while listening or watching from home. It is also the place where they can go meet them and get to know them in person.

We are seeking to make the connection between listeners and the artists by facilitating weekly and monthly shows featuring the same acts that are on the program. Then connecting with local businesses to bring their brands close to those same people in their community who are striving to #StayLocal

It is all a beautiful synergistic relationship that is growing naturally right before our eyes. We hope you find us on Patreon to consume all of our content and make yourself part of The Scene as a member.

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Listen to the podcast and learn more about the artists, musicians, and comedians that populate The Scene. We have great interviews, current events, and our flagship program Love Noise. Thats where we sit down and listen to some amazing new music from artists right here in the Upper Midwest centering from the Sioux Falls area and extending in all directions several hundred miles. So if you’re a music/comedy/art lover sit back and get to know all the players in The Scene.

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